The Time Has Come to
Reinvest & Reinvigorate

North Philadelphia

The Beury Project Outside Render

At the heart of North Philadelphia sits the 3700 block of North Broad Street. This critical block sits at the intersection of Broad, Erie and Germantown, three primary arteries of Philadelphia.

Over the last several decades, the intersection has thrived as an epicenter for the surrounding community of North Philadelphia but has struggled against a lack of institutional investment and  long- term commitment  to the community residents and businesses.

The block is dominated by the imposing structure of the once strong and proud Beury Building, a 14-story, 112,000 square-foot Art Deco skyscraper completed in 1933 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Starting with the redevelopment of the existing Beury Building, the “new” Beury will be a new revision that combines both old and new while reinvigorating an intersection, a community,and in turn North Philadelphia

“ Our vision is a revitalized North Philadelphia where The Beury Building is once again an integral driving force in the community. ”

Phase Two

The Annex

The extension of the Beury building will consist of approximately 10,000 sq ft of retail, 100,000 sq ft of additional commercial opportunities and up to 80 residential units.

The importance of scale and density is critical to an inter-section that is built on the backbone of public infrastructure. To realize this second phase of the project we will actively seek like-minded tenants and partners that will extend and catalyze our vision for a healthy and revitalized North Philadelphia.

“ Our vision is a revitalized North Philadelphia where The Beury Building is once again an integral driving force in the community. ”

Our Story

The Beury building has been vacant for more that 40 years.
The challenges to its revitalization are complex and challenging. Since 2012,
Shift Capital has set out on a journey to revitalize the heart of North Philadelphia.

Shift Capital recapitalizes the project in 2012, with a renewed focus to realize a development plan that is both impactful and feasible.
With full support of the community, applied to OHCD in 2014 and PHFA in 2015 with a program of senior affordable housing and a health clinic. This effort was unsuccessful.
Partnered with Bethesda Project in Fall of 2015 to realize a vision to integrate health services with a unique model to target the most disenfranchised in the city.
Working jointly, Bethesda and Shift applied for OHCD and PHA funds in 2015 and were unsuccessful. The team will work with the city and community this year to strengthen its application for 2016.

Shift Capital

Shift Capital is a real estate development and community impact investment group dedicated
to revitalizing urban neighborhoods by creating shifts in environmental, social and economic viability.

Shift Captial brings together investment capital, innovative ideas, best practices and community engagement with a strong design aesthetic to create thriving neighborhood ecosystems. We strengthen the value of our real estate and the collective experience by creating compelling brands within the real estate envelope. It is through diverse capital sources – private, public and social – that significant shifts can be made, shifts that make a difference – one neighborhood at a time.